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Review: The Adventurers

Andy Lau and Tony Yang star in Well Go USA's THE ADVENTURERS

With Stephen Fung’s The Adventurers,the name appears to be as self-explanatory as you can possibly get. When you add an actor like Andy Lau into the middle of it, you’re expecting something that could be entertaining. If that’s what you want, that’s pretty much what you to get to some degree, but it may also be done in a style that’s a little slicker than you’re anticipating.

Lead by the cunning and charismatic Cheung (Andy Lau), a team of thieves join together to take on the biggest heist of their careers. The situation is complicated enough, but when a determined French detective with a vendetta (Jean Reno) sets out to capture them, the trio will have no choice but to attempt to pull off the impossible in a way that requires improvisation on a level that even none of them have ever seen.

The Adventurers jumps right into things with a solid action sequence that hopes to set the tone for what we’re going to see. It’s rather long and takes up just about the entire first act. Because of the way this is done, we don’t really know who the characters are in a personal sense, but it’s at least aware enough to give us some insight on who these guys are in the most important ways.

When we do get to learn more about these guys (and gals), we find out more about Jean Reno’s character than anyone else. He gets a back story that in a way, helps us understand who he is and allows us to potentially bond with the story as a whole even though he isn’t the lead. When thinking about it, this was a good thing to do since we don’t truly need to know the others on that much of a personal level. Plus, since he’s pretty the only person here not connected to anyone else that we meet, it was easier to dig deeper with him.

Outside of that, we spend much of our time following this crew as they plan their big heist. During these periods, we’re watching these people bond as they assist in building a sense of adventure. While that is to be expected just simply based on the fact that it’s title is The Adventurers, the movie itself turns out to be more of a caper than anything. This could cause problems for some, but it may be what keeps this thing moving in the positive direction that it manages to stay in.

Outside of wishing the pace was a little faster, the only big issue I have with The Adventurers was that  most of the film is in English. And while I understand why this is done, it doesn’t really fit as much as it should. The main reason for that is the fact that none of these actors are natural English speakers. Especially when delivering certain lines, you can tell even with a guy like Jean Reno. Although it doesn’t ruin the experience, it certainly is noticeable and may be somewhat disruptive to some.

Overall, Stephen Fung’s The Adventurers is a quality adventure/caper that’s easy to get into and to be amused by. It’s safe, positive and features some likeable characters embarking on a journey that is able to hold your attention. As I said, the only issues here will be minor to many of the people who are going to see it. In just about every other aspect, it delivers what you would likely expect coming from a movie like this. Because of this, the end result will likely be you leaving the theater being satisfied.

Director: Stephen Fung

Andy Lau
Shu Qi
Jean Reno
Jingchu Zhang
Eric Tsang
Tony Yang 

Film Length: 104 minutes

Release Date: August 18, 2017 (U.S.)

Distributor: Well Go USA Entertainment

  • 7/10
    Score - 7/10
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