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Review: Golden Job

Jordan Chan and Ekin Cheng star in WellGoUSA's GOLDEN JOB

There are some movies that only require what is promised to you from the start. Whether it’s a comedy , an action film, horror, or anything else you can name, some movies understand the need to just stick to what they are and deliver on that. This is basically what happens with Golden Job. It’s an action movie that never tries to be much more than it is. In taking this approach, it’s allowed to be better than a good portion of modern action flicks that wind up being overstuffed pictures trying to please everyone by adding everything.

A tight-knit group of former mercenaries ban together once again for one last epic heist. On this job, they’re looking to gain possession of a truck full of medicine so they can help out an African refugee camp in need. The plan is simple, but problems arise once they find out the truck is actually filled with gold that belongs to some dangerous people. Now, they have to correct this situation and do all they can to find out who’s behind this as they enter what’s sure to turn into an all out war against those who oppose them.

The first thing you notice about Golden Job is the action that’s determined to capture your attention from the very beginning. Whether it’s the gun fights, the hand-to-hand fisticuffs, or the car chases, what we get is always quick and energetic whenever it presents itself on-screen. To make it all feel quicker, the camera moves along with it, but it’s never hard to figure out what’s going on since it never loses focus. In an era where the camera moves and shakes more than the actors, this is much appreciated since you’re able to see everything that’s going on.

Not only are the action scenes well done, they are what keep you engaged more than anything else. There’s some drama added into it, but that’s probably not what you’re watching this for. You’re here for the action, and that’s what this movie relies on and effectively delivers. As for the drama, I guess it gets us to where we need to be. It helps build toward the action and gives the characters a reason to push forward. You can never just have a movie with fights and shootouts for no reason, so using drama in this manner makes sense and ultimately serves its purpose even though it’s nothing spectacular overall.

There isn’t much to talk about when analyzing Golden Job as a whole. There are a couple of twists that we get here because of the dramatic elements that I just spoke of, but that’s just about it. Everything else is action. This really a “straight to the point” type of movie. In my opinion, that’s a positive since it doesn’t linger and drag on for longer than it needs to. That happens all too often these days with movies doing all they can to make sure they hit that two-hour mark.

Golden Job knows what it is and benefits from remaining short, fast, and simple. Having it done this way allows the positives to be appreciated more by those who enjoy their action with nothing unnecessary getting in the way or slowing it down. It’s because of this that I can recommend this to people. It isn’t a game changer, but it will likely provide what it is that you’re looking for in a straight up action movie with an uncomplicated plan of attack.

Rating: NR

Director: Chin Ka Lok

Ekin Cheng
Jordan Chan
Michael Tse
Chin Ka Lok
Jerry Lamb
Eric Tsang
Charmaine Sheh
Sergej Onopko

Film Length: 100 minutes

Release Date: September 28th, 2018

Distributor: Well Go USA

Country: China

  • 7/10
    Score - 7/10
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