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Review: Finding Dory

Ed O'Neill and Ellen DeGeneres star in Disney Pixar's FINDING DORY

Pixar has seen booming levels of prosperity with the animated films they’ve been releasing for the past several years. It’s at the point where they may be quite easily the top company when talking about the section of filmmaking. That’s why you know a movie like Finding Dory is going to flourish financially. The only question here is more about the value of the film from an entertainment perspective and whether it will meet up with the profits that it will see.

Returning with her school of friends, Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) finds herself in her own adventure under the sea in the sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo. The journey she’s embarking on is a daunting one as she’s on a mission to answer questions about the past the appears to be long behind her. Taking on such a task will not only help Dory uncover who she is, it will also introduce her to a world that’s more incredible than she could have ever imagined.

After a short period of time watching, it’s easy to see that there isn’t ton of depth or really anything resembling it in Finding Dory. What you do have is something that’s appropriately geared toward kids while obviously not feeling very inclined to get adults involved. That’s not a complaint necessarily, but it is something that we’re used to seeing with the average animated film of this day and age.

While this isn’t worth complaining about, it does stunt the film in terms of overall quality when comparing it to some of the more recent releases of the past couple of years. The films that I’m referring to have the kind of depth and quality that Finding Dory is either unable or uninterested in dealing with. This isn’t to say that this is a bad movie, but it does illustrate the limitations that it has.

As far as quality, there isn’t much to say about this animated picture. There isn’t a great deal wrong with it, but there also isn’t a bunch that will make it stand out or be seen as something that’s memorable. I guess it just is what it’s supposed to be, but maybe it could have been a little bit more than that if the people behind it attempted to go farther.

Overall, there is a good movie for kids here that more than likely will not disappoint. Some may want it to be better in some ways, but that’s probably only if you want something with more meaning or value to it. If that isn’t required for you, Finding Dory could very well satisfy your needs in an animated film. At worst, it will give the children who see it something to enjoy.

Rating: PG

Director: Andrew Stanton

Ellen DeGeneres
Albert Brooks
Ed O’Neill
Kaitlin Olson
Ty Burrell
Eugene Levy
Diane Keaton
Idris Elba
Dominic West

Film Length: 95 minutes

Release Date: June 17, 2016

Distributor: Disney Pixar

  • Score - 6.5/10
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